529th MP Company

529th Military Police Company 1950-1965

Info from former 42d MP Grp member Don Marsh who still resides in Germany:
Heidelberg will be a memory in 2013, Mannheim is 99.99% gone now. Heidelberg (Masonic) ACGL Lodge is/will be hurting for people and will probably merge with Germersheim which is the old Karlsruhe Fidelitas ACGL Lodge. The MP Customs folks moved to Sembach and Wiesbaden. Things do change, I have so many memories both military and ...Fraternal of Mannheim and Heidelberg, I guess we have been there too long. Kaiserslautern is drying up also, moved mostly to Ramstein and some to Sembach. The KMCC shopping center (Kaiserslautern Military Community Center) on Ramstein Base is the biggest PX in the world – totally incredible. I go quite often, whenever  I go to Landstuhl Med Center. They will be starting the new Med Center on Ramstein Base in a couple of years to replace Landstuhl. For a reduction of forces in Germany we are sure spending some BIG bucks in relocations and new building.


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